The 'big deal' about this page is that as important as it is to grow healthy vegetables to us all, the same importance applies for MBGP when representing sponsors.
The offer to sponsors goes beyond just a link off your logo to your parent website. We live in an era where unquestionably connections can be made using video. MBGP wants to explore this with you if your up to it.

MBGP networks with grass-roots community where the flavor really is serving the community in a manner that teaches families to grow vegetables with all the tangible benefits that go with it.

If your brand wants to be a part of this and doesn't mind mucking in and getting dirty from time to time, you will see your video and logo listed on this page.

We hope you can join us.
Brands who are supporting our effort... who are not camera shy 😀

We would like to thank these brands for their support.
  • mix it live tv
  • healthy families waitakere
'know what you grow'