Saturday 15th July 2017. Shared celebration meal.
  • Start time: 6pm
  • Venue(s): TBC
With the hard work over, all of your seedlings planted, this is a perfect way to get together and celebrate what's been achieved. This is a warm invite to all families, volunteers, funders, sponsors to bring a plate and celebrate with us all.

We know that this will be the start of a 'green thumbed journey for many'. One with which 'hand on heart benefits' your family with time continuum harvests from now on.
See you on the night - MBGP Team
Shared harvest meals
Minimally there will be 2 of these that we can set our growing, harvesting, and sharing a meal 'looking forward to' sights on. So if we plant in early June we want to be having our first shared meal for autumn/winter in late September - early October [We will confirm a date].
Spring/summer dates TBC.

These occasions are designed so that we can all have a catch up and chat over a great meal. If anyone wants to present to our group they need only to inform us.
We would like to thank these brands for their support.
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  • healthy families waitakere
'know what you grow'