Garden costs?
100% FREE*... has been our aim right from project commencement May 28th 2016... some 118+ gardens later.
*We made one recommendation to a group to purchase their own garden mix. They did this and the growing results were amazing. See here

This means all the resourcing of pallets, timber, compost, mulch, nails, sawblades etc has to be obtained to make things happen. We approach businesses large and small to 'appeal to their community spirit' to help us out. It doesn't always work so we get inventive so as not to derail our purpose.

What to collect
Please collect 'non-glossy cardboard' and/or newspaper to place on the bottom [2-3 layers if cardboard and 5-10 layers if newspaper]. This makes a good biodegradable weedmat. It suppresses weed growth and worms love it.
Plain corrugated brown boxes are perfect!

Save as best you can your lawn clippings and food scraps for either bulking your garden and/or your new 2 bin compost system. For your compost bin(s) any branches or twigs about the thickness or less of one of your fingers can be sourced also if you can.

What happens if we miss out?
Our best advice is to register your intent straight away. This can be done by joining our Facebook Group - click here
Once you have been approved you need to copy/paste the details below filling in or omitting whats not required.

Compost bin: Yes/No

Our interactive map ['On the map' on the navbar above] shows where gardens will be placed in Waitakere City. Purple markers indicate gardens to be built for this area in 2017.
We plan to run 4 x workshops in 2017. Dates TBC but will focus on composting, worm farming, growing in winter time, seed raising to name a few.

Composting 'how to' we cover in our planned workshops on Saturday 8th - Sunday 9th July 2017, but also at other stages of the growing season(s). Here is a 20 minute composting video made with Therese Mangos and Buffie Mawhinney who families will get to meet in July.
What to grow in your area?
To take the guess work out of what you can grow in your area click here

Facebook Group
Our virtual platform for My Backyard Garden Project is Facebook. We encourage all families if you can to share photos of your families gardening journey with us. Join us on Facebook - click here
MBGP is in two cities so far, i.e. Waitakere and Rotorua. We are planning on going to other cities/townships and suitably have opted to keep all of our members within one group irrespective of location much in the same manner as the NZ Vege Gardeners that is 37,000+ members strong. This means when you post something up just mention where you are from. Better still update your profile that informs your location when you hover over your name.

We also recommend joining the NZ Vege Gardeners group. To register click here This group has a wealth of information that can be sourced to help you with any growing inquiries in Files on their Menu tab.

Google Search should be your ally for anything that's gardening. Life is a journey and so is learning 'tips and tricks' about gardening. Here are some handy websites we frequent: Pod Gardening NZ, DIY Compost, Companion Planting
Value for money
Is what we're offering 'value for money'. Gardeners amongst us will understand these few words: 'Gardening is a lifestyle choice'

Vegetable gardening is a case of enjoying the harvest of your labor.

The intentions right from the start of MBGP was to take out the cost factor of establishing gardens for families. This means they can just concentrate on growing and learning. Sure there is the risk that FREE may net no results with some families. It's the risk we take to help families make connections of growing their own chemical free organic vegetables.

From a cost savings perspective a 2.4 x 0.8 x 200mm high garden with a 2 bin compost system would cost minimally $160 without soil/compost and seedlings.

MBGP is about serving the community, connecting families with growing food to help secure some healthy food security for them.
snapshot myGarden
Click the image above to view a compile of our gardening adventures in Waitakere City.
Follow ups
This question is often asked by potential funders and first time gardening families. The approach we are adopting is one that can link each family to a community garden near them. MBGP spawned as a result of working in community gardens, building them, and sharing knowledge and skills at the same time.
Community gardens are a place to come share and learn. We advise connecting with them so that your garden will prosper.

Community gardens in your area.
If you know of any other 'active' community gardens in the Swanson/Ranui, Massey/West Harbour, and Henderson area please let us know with full details by PM'ing Brent on our Facebook group page or using 'Contact' on the navbar above - thankyou

We would like to thank these brands for their support.
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