Corporate Sponsorship
In the same manner that 60+ Rotorua families and schools want to make positive connections with growing fresh vegetables, we're after 10 corporates 'with/out' green-thumb experience to join us over the next 11-12 months. Synergy with us will commence from the day you sign on until completion at our last shared harvest meal in March 2018.

We do have a few challenges in mind for Corporate teams:
  • Our very own form of Mucking In a.k.a Corporate Garden. Garden either at the bosses place or an employees. How do you decidte? Paper - Scissors - Rock >> best of 3
    Would be super cool if you have 2-4 tech savvy high school youth involved.
  • Family Connect >> Clusters
  • Healthy Green Salad Challenge
  • Corporate team banner design. Banner size 980 x 312 pixels high to be displayed above in our slider and submitted on our Facebook Group page to gain most viewer votes. Are you creatively up to it?
  • Snapshot
    ... to name a few

We're after 10 Rotorua corporate teams [2-6+ per team] s to join us on this great 'green thumbed' journey.

Contact Brent Mags via 'Contact' on the navbar above or via our Facebook group page for more details.
paper scissors rock

We would like to thank these brands for their support.
  • mix it live tv
  • rotorua youth centre
'know what you grow'