Photos and video sharing
We live in an era where viral communication is a well used tool to share what we're up to. Our facebook group page is our virtual hub for sharing with all My Backyard Garden Project members your progress in either photo/video format inclusive of any written dialogue.
If you do have a phone and/or camera we'd love for you to communicate your progress with us.

We will be running 'best photo(s) and video(s) challenges' just to add some more spice to what we're doing.

Our mbgp facebook photos and video can be found here

Broadcast technology
One of the MBGP crew [Brent] has an additional keen interest in broadcast technology when not holding down full-time employment and doing family gardens in his spare time. In the same manner of teaching families to garden he wants to make permutations of this gear available for capturing the 'essence through your eyes' when down for the working bee, workshops, shared harvest meals and most definitely the healthy green salad challenge.

From his point of view learning should be fun with the ability of being expressive and creative* .
* This is a great communication tool for tech savvy youngsters to get involved with

  • Rotorua youth using our gear click here
  • For a visual taste of a mobile version you could be learning how to drive click here
  • Wirecast is the broadcasting software we use and we invite all who are keen to experiment and have a go of it.
    This is a super tool for communicating our efforts. Brent will give a demo to all who are keen to learn especially those involved in the working bee [and by no means excluding any others associated with the MBGP Rotorua Challenge].
    A multi-camera version is intended for use after the weekend of March 25-26. Then the 'technology fun begins'

We would like to thank these brands for their support.
  • mix it live tv
  • rotorua youth centre
'know what you grow'