MBGP Mangere TEAM Challenge
127 NEW family gardens initiated in Mangere:- 8th - 10th September 2017


9pm Sunday 10th September 2017.
The success of this intake hinged largely on TEAM. All who sat and contributed at minimum 6 Monday afternoon huis', attended 4 Sunday working bee workshops repurposing old wheelie bins to compost bins, 100's of pallets either decontructed for palings or cut to build raised garden sides [whanaubuildingforwhanau], we scaled new heights of serving the community by placing 130 gardens with 2 bin compost systems between Friday 8th - Sunday 10th September 2017.

Super special thanks to our contributing committee:
What's coming out of the MBGP came to look forward to.
  • Shared harvest meals. These occur for spring/summer and autumn/winter. It's a great night of getting together and sharing cuisine where the vegetable component has come from your vibrant garden. We will inform you of the dates.
  • Lasagna Garden Challenge - details found here
  • Soil Olympics - details found here
  • My Garden Salad Challenge - details found here
There were numerous volunteers who devoted their time and energy to benefit many families who will start their green thumb journey with us. Thank you all so much for your efforts.
Patrick Howard... cheers mate for stepping up when I called you a couple of weeks out to see if you could take a lead role in the garden building/topsoil delivery allowing me to work behind the scenes [Saturday] ensuring everything ran smoothely.
Thanks Lucas, Sam, and Pasoe for adding the teenage element of serving the community. Best of luck with exams Sam and Pasoe.
Thanks Graham and Kerry for the services and resources you provided to advance the project enabling delivery of raised gardens and soil to finish ahead of time.

2 months since Waitakere intake in July 2017
The time between intakes went from initial 4 months [how long it takes for me to accrue 1 weeks annual leave to go out and build gardens in the community] to 2 months. This intake was purposely brought forward to accommodate for the 'red lidded bin' roll-out in South Auckland.
Kerbside waste accounts for 40-45% of green and organic waste and having a garden [lasagna garden] and compost bins in a families backyard is a super way from diverting organic and green waste from landfill.

Waatea News - 8 September 2017 [click logo]
Mangere's 275 times - September edition: Page 7

Maori TV snippet: Sunday 27th August 2017 [opens in another tab]
What does NFii, SWYS and BGGF stand for?

This is where we have built.
Because we travel we hope to be building a garden in your city/hometown soon in 2017 - 18.

Photos and video We will be uploading photos and video of what we've accomplished here

Here is what the TEAM are contributing in our Facebook Group - come and join us.

Great websites - pages to visit [all links open in new tab]

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